Now the tables have turned
And I'm under your thumb-
'Couse it aint what it was before
Once I got "laid", man,
But now you get paid
And you won't even knock at my door-

I don't want your forever,
Put that in the past,
"I don't like you".... To see me this way-
It's a permanant etch in my mind's etch-a-sketch
And you m-m-m-m-make love
In too exwuisite a way.

There are two ways to go,
One feels better, I know,
One's so sweet and incredibly kind
But the other's a witch, man,
We all get that ditch,
Satisfaction is so hard to find!
Looks to me like someone got left-
Bewitchin' little bitch!!!!
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Now The Tables Have Turned Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – Now The Tables Have Turned Lyrics