I got the piggyback blues what's a feller to do
When the cab of a truck's been his home
I got the piggyback I gotta change my ways cause the long old hauls're gone

Well the boss called us in about a month ago said fellow the long hauls're through
Take your trailer to the railroad yard there's a flat car waitin' for you
There's a flat car a waitin' for you
I'd like to see Mary in Abilene and Susie in Omaha
I'd like to see Jeannie in Albequerk' and Betty in Wichita and Betty in Wichita
I got the piggyback blues...
[ guitar ]
Well these piggyback cars're gonna change my life I'll have to start to slippin' around
I'll have to get the kitch that I miss so much in the places on the outskirts of town
Yeah the places on the outskirts of town
I got the piggyback blues...
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Piggyback Blues Lyrics

Red Simpson – Piggyback Blues Lyrics

Songwriters: GOLDSEN, MICHAEL H.
Piggyback Blues lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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