To tear apart,
And be judgemental,
Is something I, could never be
So, I'll take advantage of this
Because sometimes you'll never see
You'll fall
You'll fall

And should it all fall down
Ripping pieces out my heart
Was never in this game
All too good (is what you are)
Scare me to death with a single thought I heard

Faint as echoes
Thoughts I'd keep for you
You know I'm needing this right now
I hope that you know somehow,
How much you mean to me
You'll always mean to me

And we go, on to,
The stupid things we always do,
Not knowing, Any-thing,
Is something I am all too good at,

I mean this more than anything that I have ever meant before.
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Fall Lyrics

Recess Monkeyz – Fall Lyrics

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