I woke up this morning
Didn’t look at your picture
Just watched the rain fall
And never once missed you
Didn’t get my hopes up
When the telephone rang
I didn’t think about you
When the mailman came

I’m getting over you
A little each day
Stopped sitting around
Just wasting away
I don’t come home
Calling out your name
Girl you won’t believe
How much I’ve changed
I’m strong enough now
To face the truth
I’m finally getting over
Loving you
And quit going crazy and crying
I’ve stopped everything but lying

I had some old habits
I’ve gotten rid of
Like cigarettes and coffee
And thinking ‘bout love
I’m just working on climbing
That very next hill
Closing my eyes
And convincing myself

(Repeat chorus)
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Everything But Lying Lyrics

Rebecca Lindsey – Everything But Lying Lyrics

Songwriters: Teeters, Shane / Craig, Charlie
Everything But Lying lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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