We like a platoon, I be with some wild wild boys
In the saloon killin like the wild cowboys
Bow down boys, you need to eat, chow down boys
And get hit with the pound soundboard
F**k a shot, I don’t f**k with cops n***a, I’m like Al Capone
Once they release you they gon eat you outta house and home
Cop that, leanin off the chrome
You been a hater, dump you in incinerators, never found yo bones
Now we got the coke back bouncing
We cocaine cowboys, we Brokeback Mountain
Flow like a fountain, throw one a thousand
900 stacks, that’s racks, you in housing
We tryna get real estate
Do the right thing, left it right wing in the real estate
I feel the hate as I feel the buzz
Build a buzz sorta like the high that you feel from drugs
And I don’t need rehab
I could play with The Rock, this s**t off like Steve Nash
Medicinal though, got the weed pass
Everything the flow, I can see cash
Money, everybody gully
Full clip in my wall reach with the skully
Snug fit on my thug s**t
Got that 38 with the snow tip
I ain’t stressin please, he stressed at these
Powder every day, are like zed believes
Why you all attending?
‘Cus my pockets got a ball jamming?
I’m in the hood and I indulge in it
Authentic, yall fabricated
The whips all tinted, just a mascaraed that I had to say
‘Cus now I’m getting aggravated
I’m mad they hated, they never congratulated

N****s mad, they don’t how gratitude
Walk in these rapper shoes
I ain’t gotta respect these n****s who paid half the dues
I can scream out names but then what that approve?
Jerry Heller, these fat n****s who got an attitude
This all coast, pull strings like a tar nose
Turn a live n***a into compost
There ain’t no convos ‘cus eulogy is coming to in 3’s
Through the greeze you can freeze in the coolest breeze
Think you should leave, n****s ain’t so into yo bars
Cus n****s pointin fingers like I’m sending you home
There’s a live band playing, gun in the guitar case
Scarface, shootout speeding while in a car chase
Both the gav n****s on park place
Raw apes, look at the look at Nicki Minaj’ face
Look at these phony n****s you call great
I lost faith between shootouts, killings and court dates
I’m brass, what can I say?
Filthiest n***a in the church like can I pray?
Grimiest n***a on the bench like can I play?
And leave these incognito n****s mia ah
People that judge us, I bet they suffer twice
Drop the me’s, n***a look up to Christ
You ain’t gotta believe, n***a I’m fuckin nice
Me and Hitch best two men never to clutch a mic
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Murdah Muzik Lyrics