First off it's the rangers baby
See us some girls go crazy
Langston, Spotlight, Day Day
Corey what else I gotta say
I go hard your girl steady jockin'
Her friends they stay watch-in
Put it in work I just clocked in
Clocked out and you know I get it poppin'
I'm gone lil momma wassup
The sun go down and the freaks get up
And then it's on til six in the mon'
Your girl like a light switch I turn her on yeah
And she love my swag
Get it get it get it on the flo' she bad
I'm bad like mike jack
And you know its Julian on the track

Rangers we so fly
Break your necks every time we walk by
No jail we got bars
Everybody know that my crew go hard
Go go go go go go go ( go hard)
Go go go go go go go ( go hard)
Go go go go go go go ( go hard)
Everybody know that my crew go hard

Yeah you know everything's on lock down
Nice yellow bow on my side with the top
Down red in her hair no top out
Pardon me if I came off fowl ( oops)
When we be in these function the girls go wild
Lightning describes me best now
Julian the beat leaves these critics like
WOW the rangers did if now
I'm young Corey You like my fitts
All up on the flo' showin off my kicks
Vlados hanging off the window at six
So I ain't gotta tug I let them pull the chicks
I go hard in the paint watch this
I just pull up and hop out and take over shit
They just take off they tops and they hop on my tip ( what )
Take off they tops and they hop on my tip


Who puts the bang in the beat like me
Who runs the girls from heads over seas
They let us on the do' and we run everythang
Ladies passin out the feeling like the young king
They be in my jeans I don't even rock bling
'Cause I'm off the wall and my pindrop raw
They like what flow and your boys still ball
I ain't Nate dogg ( what all girls call)
I be in the pain going hard throwing elbows
Langston's been a ranger since Hamilton
And ello they sat we sold out I say we
Got that belt through sold out stores cash
Them checks bro we got that and they
Fall but they hearts Finna let go
I be in the party bus used to ride the metro hah
And who get it like me jerk low bars
Pindrop king

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Go Hard Lyrics

Ranger$ – Go Hard Lyrics