A baby in a manger
The town of Bethlehem
The wise men had the heart
To know He was the great I Am
They crossed the desert many miles
To kneel down at His feet
The star that led them seemed
To tell them what had come to be
The Son's gonna rise and shine
Make the lame walk, the deaf talk
And give sight back to the blind
Bring a light into the darkness
No one can deny
As sure as there's a Heaven
The Son's gonna rise and shine
At the age of thirty-three
The prophecy fulfilled
On the cross at Calvary
His blood for man was spilled
The sky was black as midnight
But 'neath the dark and gloom
Voices rang and Angels sang
Dancing 'round the tomb
The Sons's gonna rise and shine
He'll take away the keys of death
The grave will loose its bind
Hell will be defeated
In three days of time
On resurrection morning
The Son's gonna rise and shine
It's been two thousand years
But the story's still the same
For those who will believe in Him
And call upon His name
The Son's gonna rise and shine
Heal the sick, raise the dead
The Savior of mankind
The day will soon be dawning
Will be the end of time
King of kings, Lord of Lords
The Son's gonna rise and shine
Jesus, Son of Glory
Will save your soul and mine?
Brother are you ready
The Son's gonna rise and shine?
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Rise And Shine Lyrics

Randy Travis – Rise And Shine Lyrics

Songwriters: Travis, Randy / Curtis, Michael Anthony
Rise And Shine lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC, HENRY HUGH JAMES PUBL.

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