Album: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

Once upon a time in our life
We held the key to every door
And all that I desired
Was you forever more

I found love in a heart
Once broken far beyond repair
And you restored a sole
That had forgotten how to care

Everything we needed
Was at our beckon call
With you and I together
We could conquer all

When I needed badly
To be cheered up for a while
You were there
And all you had to do was simply smile

And holding things together
Was so easy for us to do
For you could turn to me for help
And I could turn to you

And jealousy was something
That never entered our hearts
For we were made for one another
No matter where we are

When things were at there darkest
I could hold you next to me
And I knew all would be okay
For you were strong and I was weak

So given every chance for me
To start my life anew
There'd be no question
I'd do it all again with you...
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I'd Do It All Again With You (hidden Track) Lyrics

Randy Travis – I'd Do It All Again With You (hidden Track) Lyrics