The tears of old children crowd
I draw them on a white hair
Throw in the air the wet chain
And wish that I'd had a mother

No sun that shines to me
No chest has cried milk
In my throat a pipe is placed
Have no navel in my stomach


I was not allowed to lick nipples
And no folds to hide
No one gave me a name
Sired in scurries and without sperm

The mother who has never born me
I have sworn tonight
I am going to give her a sickness
And then drown her in a river


In her lungs lives an Eel
On my forehead a mother mark
Delete it by knifeĀ“s kiss
Even if I must die
Even if I must bleed

Mother give me strength
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Mutter - Translation Lyrics

Rammstein – Mutter - Translation Lyrics