As I walk through memories. And at the end of these
I find lot of pain concealed within, deep under my skin and it's burning.
And I want to to break though to you, trying to speak to you. Anger.
And I seem to get the words right, but you're not listening right?
When you're raping my head, turning it upside down,
Fuck you I'm sick of you all the time. (I'm sick of you all the time.)
And some of your shit reaches my evil side and I can't deny
That some of these times I wish you would die.
Why can't you learn to read the signs, read between the lines.
Listen to what I want to say, and how I truly feel.
Instead I have to put all this in rhymes on a cd
You're still going to buy, does it make you feel fine.
No not this time.
Messing up all the time.
Sucking up you just cannot see it.
You just can't believe it.
I'm sick of you all the time.
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Some Of These Times Lyrics

Raised Fist – Some Of These Times Lyrics

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