I heard, I heard a sound a poundin' music and I knew all what that I need
The kind that grabs ya by your shirt collar shakes you up like AC/DC
It's buried deep in my bones
Making my old gravestone moan
Gonna rattle your soul lord
Like a bucket-a-rocks
Come on
Don't want no dick dancin' tight romancin' setting all the butterflies free
Give me a fifty-pound anvil and a hammer and I'll forge out the beat
Hard rockin' eye poppin' never stoppin' magic that a blind man could see
A big bad deep blue ocean dive on in and set it on free
Down to the bottom I go
Ain't letting go don't cha know
Sinkin' heavy and slow lord
Like a bucket-a-rocks
Like a bucket-a-rocks
Like a bucket-a-rocks
It's buried deep in my soul
Aching my tired old back bone
Down to the bottom we go
It ain't letting us go no
Like a bucket of rocks lord
Take a stone
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Bucket Of Rocks Lyrics

Racer X – Bucket Of Rocks Lyrics