Now the midget jumps outta the cabinet
And stomps the policemen on his toe
The policeman's hoppin' around on one leg
Screamin' out, "Son of bitch", while he runs under the table
He yells, "Freeze'', and dives over the table and lands on the midget
While the midget is kickin' real fast, screamin' out, "Bridget, Bridget"

She yells, "Darlin, don't hurt 'em", he says
"Bridget, get your ass back", then he continues
To ruff up the midget as if the midget was under attack
Then Bridget runs up to her room
Goes in here purse and pulls a number out

The policemen puts him on the table
And yells, "Man, what the hell you doin' in my house?"
He whips cherry pie crust off his mouth
And says, "Man, I was paid not to tell you"

Then the police pulls his gun out and yells
"Trespassin', man, I've got the right to shoot you"
The midget says, "Mister, the man that pay me
To this would kill me if I tell", he points the gun in his face
The midget say, ''God, I think I just shitted on myself''

Now at Sylvester's house, Twon gotta patch
On his shoulder, playin' cards, gettin' alone
There laughin' and talkin' when
Sylvester says, "Gwendel, baby, get the phone"
Then she walks away from the table, picks it up and says, "Hello"
There's a lady on the other line, panickin', cryin'
And talkin' all off the wall

She says, "Wait, slow down, tell me who am I talkin' to?"
"My name's Bridget and I found your number
In my husband's pocket, I had to call you"
Two minutes later, Gwendel is shakin' her head sayin'
"Girl, I understand", Sylvester says, "Who is it, baby?"
She hangs up and gives him the address

Now, meanwhile back at the policeman's house
The midget is cryin' his ass off while he's lyin'
Threw his teeth, 'bout to get little ass tore off
Then Bridget busts in the kitchen with a double barrel
Sayin, "James, I can't let you do this"

And then he looks at her and says
"What, you shoot me for this fuckin' midget, she says, "I love him"
The midget says, "No, Bridget", and then James
Points his gun and says, "We all gonna die up in this kitchen"

Now Bridget and James are starin' each other down
Slowly backin' apart, then the midget takes his inhaler out
Says, "This is not good for my heart"
Then James says, "Bridget, don't make me do this"
Baby, put the gun down"

That's when Sylvester and Twon bust up in the house
And say, "You put the gun down"
Ooh, while Twon and Sylvester are sniffin' around
Tryin' to figure out, "What's that smell?"
As they turn and look at each other like, "What the hell?"
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Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 10 Of 12) Lyrics

R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 10 Of 12) Lyrics