Looky here, looky here, looky here!
You out the frame with it, you off the chain with it
You out the frame with it, woman, woman

You got your girlfriend around ya.
No wonder she surround you. Look at you.
Your brown eyes pierce just like a knight,
Make a fella think real hard about the rest of his life.
The whole shit is strange. I'm really thinkin' brains
But on the other hand, I really feel your stress and pain.
Flimsy little men, they can't command you
And they don't have the heart to demand you,
But neither do I. I guess I'll let you walk
On and watch 'cause your walk is strong.
Sippin' passion wit' a stranger in the club,
It doesn't necessarily equate to love.
It's not really in the air, I want to take it elsewhere
Somethin' wild that you can't compare.
Bangin' on my wood drum now
Hope your hearin' all the sound. Now, nigga, come now.
Sittin' at home, a hat in my hand
While you crawlin' on the earth with your natural tan.
Your than is jigg-a-lin' and causin' a stir.
Let's do it real rough until life is a blur.

I suit you the way that'chu want.
Hey, hey, hey, the way that'chu want.
It caught me the way that'chu want. ("Uh, uh, uh.")
Hey, hey, hey, the way that'chu want. ("Check it out, now.")
I suit you the way that'chu want. ("Check it out. Check it. Uh.")
Hey, hey, hey, the way that'chu want. ("Check it.")
It got me the way that'chu want.
Hey, hey, hey, the way that'chu want.

I can kinda understand, you know.
I mean bein' at the top, I mean to start a show.
The brushes with fame, continuous game you get,
Hustles with plans, stakin' they clans and shit.
But you shine and you pay it no mind, always
Stayin' on the grind with the things you do.
You got the illest little switch and you
Ain't takin' no shit cause nobody want to fuck with you
Admiration to the utmost.
All my dogs raise your cups 'til the girl toast.
I don't want to bring shame to you really,
I want to put flames to you sincerely.
Make your box-spring jump like a low rida.
Best place that I could be is inside ya.
The love that we have could be real
But you gotta go by what your heart feels.
Heart feels [Repeat: x4]
Come on.

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Moving With U Lyrics

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