EminemSymphony In H

[Verse 1: Eminem] Don’t ask me what’s up with the hoes I’m still working the kinks out Love stinks, that explains all this anger spillin’ out And I ain’t chilling out. I got an Oscar but I’m still a grouch I use it as a doorstop and a prop For the fucking leg for the couch Yelawolf, Shady, Tony Touch, Slaughterhouse Yeah the SWAT team bout to break them flyswatters out Go to hell in a drought and break ice waters out Nice try shorty what? We can windowshop the jewelry store But Christ for that price could’ve bought a house Besides only thing I ever had iced out was my heart since I started out It’s F.Y.I if ya ain’t knowing What go with you? Where? Nah ain’t going. Oh wait, you wanna date oh? Well in that case ho, it’s June eigth oh Kinda like Beethoven composin’ a symphony of hate So much hate woven into these raps ……. I’m straight sewin’ Shit I’m beginning to hate clothing. I hate overalls cause they remind me of hoes For Christ sake they’re shaped like an H woah and You know what else starts with H though? Hockey, shit thought I had the bass flowin’ I hate to put you on ice but You already had three periods in sixty minutes, great going Plus you remind me of cocaine ho You always in the mirror with your face off I feel an urge to put you all in a line Chop you with a razer blade yo wait, I’m an a-hole Devil with a halo Hell yeah I nailed J-Lo To the railroad Say I won’t better hope you can stay afloat When I take the wind out your sailboat But I ain’t playing yo Dope as Shady though Don’t kid yourself Bitch you aint even a lady goat
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