Kanye WestI Am A God

[Hook 1:] I am a god Hurry up with my damn massage Hurry up with my damn mйnage Get the Porsche out the damn garage I am a god Even though I'm a man of god My whole life in the hands of god So y'all better quit playing with god [Verse:] Soon as they like you make more money like you But kissing people ass is so unlike you The only rapper who could compare to Michael So here's a few hating ass niggas who'll fight you And here's a few snake ass niggas who'll bite you I don't even wanna hear why some niggas like you Old niggas mentally still in high school Since the tight jeans they never liked you Pink ass polos and a fucking backpack Everybody know you brought real rap back Nobody else swag nigga we the rat pack Virgil Pyrex, Don C snapback Ibn diamond, Chi-town shining Same thing I'm in Until the day I get struck by lightning [Hook 2:] I am a god So hurry up with my damn massage And a French ass restaurant Hurry up with my damn croissants I am a god I am a god I am a god [Verse 2:] I just talked to Jesus He said 'what up Yeezus? ' I said "shit I'm chilling Trying to stack these millions" I know he the most high But I am a close high Mi casa es su casa That's that cosa nostra I am a god I am a god I am a god
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