Rod StewartPure Love

If an old friend lets you down And a true love can't be found Till the blue skies come around I'll be right by your side Journey far and travel safe Make this world a better place And keep that smile upon your face I'll be right by your side There may be oceans in between us now But I think about you every minute now No don't forget me now that we're apart Just open up that great big loving heart [Chorus] And you'll always be You'll always be You'll always be a part of me Take your time to embrace romance Teach your children how to sing and dance Love may hurt but it's worth the chance I'll be right by your side Try to be the best you can She'll come crashing to every man And always take the higher ground I'll be right by your side I hear your laughter echo through this house I miss all of this there is no doubt I wasn't perfect this I would admit I was always tryin to make the pieces fit [Chorus] Don't ask me now the time has gone I've loved you since the minute you were born So many times we have laughed and cried I see you now it fills my heart with pride [Chorus] © 2017