Ghostface KillahThe Center Of Attraction

Did you feel the wind this time? Did you see the moonlight shine? 'Cause as my light seems near But the light shines nowhere Did you feel the cold wings fly? Did you see the dawn of blood? 'Cause as my light seems near But the light shines nowhere She was amazing Carmela, caramel complexion Think God brought em into my life as a suggestion We click, I like mink, she like iced out rings The finer things in life, together we share drinks Vodka and cranberry, my little cherry If I got luck she will fill up my commissary It was matching, I felt the bomb between us She was the jelly to my peanuts, Mars to Venus The earth to my sun, moon and stars we added up Mathematically, it’s like I had a bad habit Bitch you knew my lifestyle, check of a crime boss She would hide my guns in the house then lie to the task force Finish my sentence, do my exact frame of mind Knew everything I had was hers and she was mine We were crazy in love, couldn’t get enough of each other The center of attraction, we were made for one another Nah, don’t even fall for that corkazoid She got the drink blazed, try and turn into a android She not yo peanut butter, more like a fuckin' nut case You’re a grouper, that De Lucas mob brought you to place They blowing trains on a beating rate, come in her face They got the drop on you sun, you a fuckin' disgrace You think God sent her? I’d ask the devil instead They got plans for you Ton, they want you dead dead dead So get rid of that cherry popper, she mad poison through pa, carajo They bout to bring the poison Yea Thunder, De Lucas mob want yo head on the platter It don’t matter, some of yo dreams is gonna shatter They tryin' to get at you, she got you caught in the rapture Nigga wake up, darling you done made for one another She a snake, mogy gone, get yo sprayed rubber It’s a set-up, seen it before, Doofy got wet up Nah you paranoid, letting yo mind get the best of you She would never set me up or lace my drink Watch how you talkin', you know what? You heatin' the mink You dead wrong, confusion help with one of yo hoes She’s erratic, that chick, believe me A nigga knows I’m the el capitan, put this whole squad together Keep talkin' bro, I put one in yo leather Ball cap, Logan to do the hit, now that’s better Ah man Come on Ton You sleepy eyes man I told you before, son, yo You gotta stay focused out here, look Look out the window man Lucas mobs, son you know who they are Them same motherfuckers, yo I seen her with the niggas before She’s a set-up chick © 2017