MGMTMystery Disease

It can’t pay attention What slips into the system A light touch, a whisper that puts you to sleep Don’t sympathize with the mystery disease All it is is a feeling, Pain in a dress too revealing, A lost bond an old friend who likes what it sees You can’t shake off the mystery disease Lovers in a past life Meet in the street close to midnight, A last look sweet like the end of a dream, Then fall back into the mystery disease Go on, tell your symptoms to me It’s not in any of the books you can read It’s no fun to face what you don’t get to be, But what’s one more to the mystery disease? Floating impatience Snuffs my limited sapience Black smoke as soon as the pressure’s released Deep space sighs, the mystery disease Consumed by a weakness Cut with perpetual unrest You see stars, sunsets blurred through a screen, Trap what you want, waste what you need And when the west wind sweeps through the leaves, Emperors of history fall to their knees Small fronds can’t see the wood for the trees, Left in the dust of the mystery disease © 2017