Okay okay okay I see her, I see that Turn me up, turn me up, Give me some juices, give me some juices, kid Come on, listen! Le’ts go, man for real Hey yo, hey yo, Wood green jacket in the clapper Catch me as I’m in the city with the stretch porn actress Grabbin a thong, the life gives me alone Rich nigga way back, bitch do John Why would you ever wanna be here Guns bigger than me here, I’m like the sin... Be here, While I’ll be first the pimp ferocious, Guns are scotian everybody know I float like oceans, Trap little pieces, how we’re gonna eat this, I walk around fly high, tell me could... And my lady a well known designer who fell in line with me And all she do is sell a lb We in the grown house, the trees look alone I build the dutch master train... Relax you’re home, And watch your car mellow and the mix go in, I’m playing my square I’m in the front road My bitch roll in, that’s not wifey, That’s a lover, she gave me some top, But how we met, you were a... She was alone with my brother, Giving 20 years better than good dick, play in my senses They strong like old man intentions, When the time rocking the fox, hangin with Bruno Mars the locks Stand you nose as pops, we’re getting honeys, rap pack click in my canny Blowin to hell, ocean’s 11 it’s money, Lost stays coolin on them horses, Pop or alone, long... Them Porsches, Maxing king everything Gucci, Just like the suits I play Saturday to stay in jacuzzies Brother man I’m floating the mother lands and came back with ... Rap the side brother, and the bands hangin in the corner schmitz Doing my old G thing slangin some things in the mix. I’ll be flying to the islands when it’s cold outside, Patchin first guess it hurts,... Matchin that cards Bout my life living right baby, others than me Life’s good either way, as long as you’re in this, Yeah, y’all be easy, shall be easy, word up next year man, You can have it man, the old year you heard, It’s 20 years of rap nigga, goes pasionally, Logistically, scientifically, it’s real, How you seem to want, you already know, That we ain’t stop, we ain’t never gonna stop Real, real, real, real
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