Peter GabrielSagrada

Silent. Silent. Silent. Keep it silent. Keep it silent. Keep it silent. Hey, keep it silent... Keep it silent for a while. Silence is an exchanger. Oh can you mount and make it hear. Everything in Truth, may be doubting, coming. Vision, vision... If silence is, would you back to the vision. Tipping to emotion, truth. Hey, you know. I am over... turning on. Six to six. Headed But I’m sinking. Words as if I am losing these chips inside. I am all up. If your heart beats, when I sing the sound of the prince of Charm, hold This heart. Hold this cage. Never surrend those tears so sharp. See through it’s charm. This charm will Burn, they say. Who are, all those ties? Know, it so hard. We all Understand. Keep it silent. Keep it silent. Keep it silent... © 2017