Joe BuddenMore Of Me

I give you my all But it seems like that’s not enough Letting you get more of me So while the world keep on changing The one thing remaining is I keep letting you get more of me My story, my pain, can’t? Ail? It My tears overflowed, you can’t? Pail? It My talent, ? Niggas tried to cross the god, but they ain’t nail it My path, my walkway, you can’t trail it My ladder, my mountain, can’t scale it It’s my life, my struggles, can’t help I’m just grateful that He kept me alive for me to tell it Check it, see the music industry changed me It was everything that I’d have never guessed it was So my discography is all full of hand-me-downs I couldn’t figure out another way to dress it up So every verse fight with the truth Nah, no one? Better than this mic and this booth It’s no better way, I owe my todays to my yesterdays You live with regrets, probably die with em too So I trust God more than myself, I’m trying to tell ya Drunk in the basement, now I’m in the wine cellar I learned to never let the fear settle in And now I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been Not one ounce of hate in my? Glance? Just one of the things og taught me way in advance Said it’s two types of folk in this world Got the ones that’s out doing it And those busy saying they can’t I give you my all But it seems like that’s not enough Letting you get more of me So while the world keep on changing The one thing remaining is I keep letting you get more of me You know some niggas never learn Some learn and never apply, but wait Some apply but never teach My only right to preach, I spent time being each Grab your magnifying glass I need ya’ll to look closer At the only dude to do every drug and get lower If niggas knew a third of all the weight that he shouldered They’d know it’s an insult to think I’m only bipolar I got a unique talent, don’t know how I obtained it How do I sustain it? Can’t even explain it I get more info from words that aren’t spoken More fixated on people or things when they are broken I used to think everybody was pure Now I’m busy trying to come up with everybody’s cure And that mindset led to? It be the people you help most, normally do the most harm Made it my whole life, most times I ain’t bite So no need to stick to a script that I didn’t write Preconceived notions, nothing less than a failure Base your’s off of the cover and miss the best-seller While I’m at it, let me tell you about this angel I met ? Fly, from every angle was fresh And the way that she was jamming to the song called ‘I’m Not Perfect’ Made me wanna know what her imperfections were Now listen, and they weren’t hard to find yall Both parents were addicts like mine are Mine are, but her story wasn’t new to me Most of life, shorty was homeless like I used to be Could tell she never felt appreciated Looked too much like her dad, was her mom’s least favorite Picture a bond supposed to be sacred Looking up at your mom’s eyes and seeing hatred Pop left when she was young Well she still young and he still gon’ keep it 100 While I’m just amazed that a woman so beautiful Could through such ugliness and not become it World keeps spinning, learned sinners keep sinning And I can’t even tell her some fights ain’t fight worthy Cause my pops got 20 years clean, but her pops got 20 years dirty She moved to Jersey where he happens to reside Thinking they’ll be closer but it’s only fiction Cause she so young, all it does is cause friction God picked the right nigga though, to teach about addiction Years ago she should’ve been on? Homi’? Watch So check the time out, just not on mommy’s watch © 2018