Sleeping With SirensDead Walker Texas Ranger

A taste for blood Won't hold them back With nails that cut like razors Hungry for flesh See the undead hot on our trails they chase us We need a place Somewhere to hide Where they won't think to go inside Watch as your darkest fears return to life (your sins will find you out) Don't bother sleeping without one eye open wide There are creatures in the night to haunt you Their arms are reaching out to hold you tight Your demons come alive to chase you (Ba dada dada da da da da da, dadda da da dadda da da) No where to run they're closing in on us I can see the faces in the windows staring in at us There's no way to stop What has been done You felt the bite now you'll be one Don't tell your friends what you've become You're not the same You can see it in your eyes I can see it on your face Your hoping for a taste Do you feel your blood starting to boil beneath your skin' Why is your stomach turning' You know that it's the end! This is the end (No turning back now your under it's spell) (We have no choice, but to send your body back to hell) © 2017