Wiz KhalifaDeep Sleep

[Hook:] Deep sleep [Verse:] How you gon’ be cold as us? Your kush ain’t rolled up Your cars ain’t old enough Champagne ain’t cold enough Money still fold up You ain’t buying no clubs You ain’t getting no love But my n****s so thug You ain’t getting thrown up Smell me when I roll up I glow like Leroy My fro like Sho’ Nuff Can’t get poured up Everything slowed up F**k n****s hate us Rich n****s know us I’m riding with gangstas So I don’t need no cup I’m drinking out the bottle Riding with the top down Smoking on A. C Twenty five thousand ‘Bout to blow it out in A. C N****s join us cause they can’t beat us Ain’t nann n***a play me Keep talking them pounds I’m blowing that daily I’m smoking that good reefer My eyes all lazy N****s see me getting that money So they look at me crazy My n****s out here stunting Doing drugs all mainey I’m buying brand new cars and s**t [Hook:] [Verse 2:] I get high all day, I ain’t coming down The tweak is heavy, it’s going ’round Rolling up airplanes, bout to catch an airplane Riding in my old-school, listening to old school Doing it how a G’s supposed to do It’s getting cold, I might close the roof Made it up to first class, staying in first class Remember when I ain’t have first class, now I’m the only n***a in first class Started with a bus pass, then I copped a old-school Now I got so many cars, I ain’t got enough room Twenty mil and got more to go Roll some weed and then roll some mo’ [Hook:] [Outro:] I’m just going insane trying to figure you out, baby
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