ConsequenceToo Easy

Let’s go back, to the scene of the crime When I used to play the coroner with 3 of my slimes It’s around when john cena would rhyme I come for a see how I be in my prom It seems like my hand got dealt 3 of a kind Could 5 there got me swiping 3 at a time So this is just a meeting of the minds I meet it, I beat it, she screaming, he minds And that’s fine, I understand the hoes’ hunger As long as she knows I’m the only stunner Cause this the time of day we done had the more recovered So put a sock in it like fuck we brother And suffer what they call the consequence I got a strangle hold on this contrar shit And when you add that to the constant hits That means I’m on top of my bread like a condiment So when it’s time to war, I don’t call condolizza I call the billing department of visa And ask them they extend my limit Mister…we be glad to do it For joe francis, or francis louis Who put piv sims and dances to it Just so we can put regim mac at the truest So I be absent the truing When you can hear the deposition, That will get new definition Of what death jamming, any other label system Ain’t now should look for, when they take a listen I feel like a prisoner who wrote a letter You can hear the conviction, cause there’s no one better So just like a prisoner who open letters I’m hoping to see a bad bitch who won’t forget us They wanna quit us, they wanna clip is We all the lakers, so what I got parked… And it came with a laser So them streets are playing laser tag They pulling out pistols and they breaking bad Got my name in high water like they making crabs So you might just make a spaz, No spasms, you may find magnums And your wife dressed right after we … That’s what are friends for…2 hours level for the cheese bust cons And the kids on dress, and she could take her best shot to earn our reject And not take a best shot to earn our respect But more than likely, I’ma do a greezy Believe me, I shine, like a diamond and they see me So in sure like a ep, and the words of aaron right Baby it’s too easy, it’s way too easy This is too easy, it’s way too easy © 2018