ToraeNon Cypher

They like tor why you wasn’t in the cypher I tell em that’s not for me to decipher Cuz I been killing those all my life bruh It ain’t like niggas tighter The shit I drop every night is preciser I call it daily bread get your slice up The people know who nicer My nikes tough, I’m mic’d up I might fuck your wife’s but The tight slut I write stuff My knife tucked you might huff You might puff but never blow my house down This is the jungle my brother you in my house now I bring the house down like dana & steve If you doubting I’m the truth it’s time to make you believe Tryna route me in the booth some shit you couldn’t achieve It’s like flavor flav looking good in a weave it's unlikely Miracle boy, tryna do the right thing But had game since my old school days I’m young spike lee That shit light b, it ain’t many writers to out write me & that should more clear than a sprite be A little plug that way the sponsors a like me Tell steven hill send a kite b I might be the most spittinest hittenest Well written ridiculous vantriloquist lyricist is you getting this jibberish Only nigga that’s nice as me where the mirror Sure as al b at appearances There he is where he is yea he is nice…... fade out © 2018