Kanye WestWhite Dress

With the past Everybody got problems baby I didn’t pass And then I used to do things that it make you laugh Like ordering a girl drink in a masquerade glass You like being a collide as getting cold in the rain Or rocking flaunt all summer like Kurt Cobain Or that that Dolce Gabbana with a few go chains And you the type of girl that probably deserve a new last name, But they never let us do our thing Everybody lying on who I bang We was on fire, but they blew our flame Ain’t no denying baby, you have changed ’cause now your high heels clicking Your lip gloss glisten, your hips start switchin Your pissed off pimping, ’cause even when we’re kissing baby girl feel different Friends all distant like no he didn’t No he didn’t, is you talking bout Kitty Is that bitch still stripping tryin to get a pair of Christians I swear to God that they gonna get you crazy But you play it off and say how is work baby well Some other models is too cope that you walk straight But seen still lot of man at they own hey But babe I call you back and say that you always And kept me on the phone
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