Trey SongzPop That

It's trigga! Pop that pussy bitch! Swerve Pop that pussy bitch! She ride my dick just like the beat I make that pussy spit Ass so fat Fuck a lapdance! Dark knights treating pussy like a batman I beat it up I beat it down Pussy chant that's pound for pound Lick my nuts and all around I need to hear that slurping sound She say whatever though I say now or never Say she gon fuck me good But she gon suck me better Act wrong and get left behind Black thong is her left behind That's one ass cheek jumping out the gym & the right behind it's like right behind When she on that pole It's flip mode like she busta rhymes She aint give me head though! Why? I fucked her mind! Told her bring that bubble Bring that bubble Bring that bubble back Paper I been throwing just to show you where your hustle at Bring your girl, double back I bet I double that The pop your pussy like it's motherfucking bubble wrap! © 2018