Trey SongzPop That

It's trigga! Pop that p***y b***h! Swerve Pop that p***y b***h! She ride my d**k just like the beat I make that p***y spit A** so fat F**k a lapdance! Dark knights treating p***y like a batman I beat it up I beat it down P***y chant that's pound for pound Lick my nuts and all around I need to hear that slurping sound She say whatever though I say now or never Say she gon f**k me good But she gon suck me better Act wrong and get left behind Black thong is her left behind That's one a** cheek jumping out the gym & the right behind it's like right behind When she on that pole It's flip mode like she busta rhymes She aint give me head though! Why? I f****d her mind! Told her bring that bubble Bring that bubble Bring that bubble back Paper I been throwing just to show you where your hustle at Bring your girl, double back I bet I double that The pop your p***y like it's motherfucking bubble wrap! © 2014