SybreedA Radiant Daybreak

There was no light I couldn't find my very way A dire frustration was all I could feel in my chest For there was no joy in every moment I could spend How could I reckon I trapped myself into a cage of misery? My so-called strength had to be shattered My beliefs were but a lie It is so convenient to tint it all in deep tones of black To live in fear is but meaningless I shall face the source of my hopelessness I just crave for suffering I can see for the first time And feel freed from the pain Redeemed and disengaged Oblivion is a just reward A final slumber to end the divide And awake purified Why should I try to sustain such a barren state When my whole condition is tantamount to emptiness? I wish I could hide from this grim picture in my head Yet I am locked up, lost in a maze of endless excruciation I reach the height of isolation There's no need to revise or suspend the decision For I discern but one conclusion This gruesome existence has become an affliction I can't withstand © 2017