The Acacia StrainThe Mouth Of The River

She was shot in the head! Burning bridges Hiding bodies I'm not a murderer but I'm sure I could try The day you find comfort in the arms of another could be the day that you die I told myself to take her head I'd rather take her arms instead Desolation Extermination Execution Determination No depth perception I pulled out her eye to teach her a lesson I give up because you gave up on me I am a failure and no one can save me Her entire head was sitting in my freezer They thought I wanted to eat it I don't know why I just wanted to keep it Give them an inch They take a mile All you were was a big butt and a smile "I have the gun so I am the fucking boss" You will rethink what you said when you realize how much blood you've lost Desolation Extermination Execution Determination Blegh Desolation Extermination Execution Determination Grasping reality and shaking my head I don't need sleep I'll sleep when I'm dead Just when I thought it was over they found the bodies at the mouth of the river Fuck Sick but smart I ate their hearts Sick but smart I ate their hearts She was shot in the head Days growing colder Wind whips to shiver I lost all I knew at the mouth of the river © 2017