DJ DramaMy Audemars

[Hook: meek mill] I'm gettin' money, I'm ballin' hard Heard them niggas hatin on me, cause they fallin' off Honestly bitch, I'm ballin' hard Yeah it's my time, and I'mma shine just like my audemars, my audemars Bust down, and iced out Just hit that switch, that bitch be shining when the lights out Bust down, and iced out Look at my wrist, that bitch be shining like a lighthouse [Verse 1: meek mill] I spit a verse, that's like a point I do it short, that's like a joint That's like a bird, oh nigga you ain't heard I'm in the mixin like a soda when it's gettin stirred Pull up in the maserati, got them bitches lookin' at me like I shot somebody I'm stackin' paper, I need that dropped ferrari Got them trying to claim a nigga and we not a'mare My ap, cool as an a/c Look in the magazine, the same exact as jay-z I'm gettin' money, nigga you straight flea That bitch be shining down the road, I call it kt I'm ballin' in this bitch like it's my motherfucking born day Bout to get a swiss account, so fuck bout what the forms say I just did 100 shows, ain't never get a tour date Mmg we winning, go check what the score say [Hook:] [Verse 2: birdman] Hundred stacks, frank watch Mill at the crib with them tools out Money nigga, head huntin' Big timer, rap Uptown soldier on the battlefield, big timer blood gettin killa kill High roller been doing this since the 90s bitch, flippin' birds shippin' how we did this shit Swag dawg, money hangin' A hundred stacks, been bangin' High roller, shock collar Ferrari speed, niggas been ballin' Cherry on them flakes when we on the mound, fire on that candy blowin' out the pound Bad bitch stand 6 feet, standin' on this money bought a new fleet [Hook:] [Verse 3: gucci mane] Look at my wrist, that shit 200 hundred thousand Cut the lights down, look at me now Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot and they all on me Pull a bunch of these white bitches, I'm chillin hard at the Gucci mane and meek mills, I'm ballin hard, I'm too true New ride with new money, so I had to put it on new rims Red bottles on the wet floor, give them up to the athletes Smellin like? Rolls royce it smoked out, parked in front your whole house I blew the horn, she jumped out Maybach on cascade, the one on down my west side 4 girls, only fucked 3 Cause one left, and she missed out [Hook:] © 2018