DJ DramaMy Way

[Hook: Lloyd] Ohhh As the city lights up the night I feel so Good cause I did it my way And I know That I'm just livin' the life of girls and gold And I feel so good Cause I did it my way [Verse 1: Common] Nights bright like Vegas The life of girls and gold is so contagious I been cold Took the C, O, double M road Hangin' out the windows Reachin for the world as the wind blows The crescendo of my career loud in your ear, ear I'm proud to be here, now that we here This year, you can find me at the cosmopolitan Holding bottles, never bottled in Probably with Chicagoans And there's black girls modellin' Looking for a followin' Attitude is tolerant I'm married to the game like Solomon These rings represent the dreams We got from the old folk, yearning for the gold coast My soul spoke things that was necessary Found forever in ways that are legendary And through the drama, I stuck to my commentary Now that everyday man say that comm is every-where [Hook:] [Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] I used to dream of rising now I see it clearer How surprising I'm admiring that mirror I'm inspiring the finer things in life And your time is slowly expiring, you're crying me a river That's ironic, she have a roll in it as well I like to swim in it like Olypmians ysl And some Timberlands high as hell The ceiling is an understatement I burn through it, prove it's a fire drill Fire hoes, bad bitches fire hoes Fire hoes then re-hire hoes Her entire crew is tired of the liars that you runnin by her I can see you ho Plenty priors of a fuck nigga, nigga I suppose I can fly her, put her in attire of designer clothes Dayton wires on the Chevy, why are you not tryna roll? Don't you know they already fuck me, I'm a made man Maids in the mansion clean them up, out here [Hook:] © 2018