FabolousSo NY

[Intro:]: Best things come to those who wait It's time to go get it [Hook:] I said I'm so new york, weezy probably don't like me x3 La-da-da-da-da-da For my city, emphasis on my city You got to go to L. A. If your looking for diddy You gotta check C. T. If your looking for fitty Niggas in paris, but what about the city? I'm so N. Y. Like the folks who make playstation Hope ya'll enjoyed your summer vacation I been on that medicine, all ya'll patient Time to come for sugar hill, word to ray nathan I'm coming for the belt and I stay h'ing Coming for your idol, word to clay aiken Pause- in case they take it the wrong way Nigga always take it the wrong way Still spitting, I'm the city's saliva Want the keys to it like the designated driver Sometimes I listen to my old rhymes, it feels like I had the k-k-keys the whole time Ain't gotta give me credit, I take cash (Broooklyn) yeah we take cash Those old niggas trying to live off their old bodies These young niggas think they killing shit, they nobodies But this ain't about old school/ new school Cause my old school look better than your new school And I drive my new school like my old school Just to wave at the teachers from my old school In flex we trust I let him do my old schools The girl used to bring? Stop playing, your boys
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