Kanye WestThe One

[Hook: Marsha Ambrosius] The storm is on the horizon I'm standing here alone Got a pistol on my hip And it's gon' be some shit If you want it then bring it on See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier And I'mma be here till it's done And when they asking who I'm is, shit You just tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) You just tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) You just tell them that I'm the one [Verse 1: Kanye West] I'm the one, baby Yeah, I'm the one, baby Since God gave his only begotten son, baby It's hard preachin' the gospel to the slums lately So I had to put the church on the drums, baby You on a run, baby You on a run, baby You think you free but you a slave to the funds, baby You think you me, but you ain't me, what you done lately? Mmhm that's cool but I been runnin on the sun, baby We on a galaxy that haters cannot visit That's my reality so get off my Scott Disick If you ever held a title belt you would know how Michael felt Tyson, Jackson, Jordan – Michael Phelps Yeahhh, had to take it to another 'round Cause everything around me got me underwhelmed Best way to describe my position is at the helm Best way to describe my new whip – Yeeeaaaalmmm [Hook:] [Verse 2: Big Sean] I told Detroit I'mma fuckin' get it I told my brother we'll be fuckin' winnin' Ye told me I'm the man for the job So I told my mom, call her's up and tell 'em that she quittin' Started off in that Chevrolet, but it's Ferraris I gotta drive I'm on hbo with my Entourage I'm 5'9" fuckin' 9 to 5 I need a hundred million no compromise I'm a double X L nigga Magazine and condom size, see what I seen and be traumatized I don't wait, I marinate, variate erryday Erry state, sold out, fuck around and need a barricade My weed loud I need a hearing aid Livin' life behind a pair of shades I be a billionaire if I could get a dollar For all the bullshit that I hear a day I did it [Hook:] [Verse 3: 2 Chainz] Treat the back seat like a sofa bed Break bread with my niggas, call it profit share This some good shit, but it get better And yeah my bitch cold, nigga feelin' sweater Like my verse suede and the beat leather Just tryin' to stay above sea level When my nigga went to jail, I said, "Free Gucci" I done bought so much shit, I should get free Gucci Bought my baby momma anaconda bags I shouldn't have bought it all, I should've went and cut the grass Snake ass niggas in my fuckin' face Bring your girl here nigga so I could fuck her face Yeah I run this place, this is cash mill swag Niggas treadmillin' goin' nowhere fast Sittin' courtside at the house game Louie's on, I could trip a fuckin' ball player [Outro: James Fauntleroy] x2 Fuck yeah, awesome, yeah I lost some of my mind And then I found weed was really kind of awesome It's possible, goddamn right I've been honest the whole time
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