XzibitKiller's Remorse

[Chorus] I'm sorry I met you I'm sorry I hurt you I'm sorry I killed you I'm sorry I murked you Because I'm all alone now nobody is with me Nobody to threaten that they about come get me I wish I could go back to where we began I wish you was alive so I could kill you again I wish we had more paths to cross Nobody even cares if they survive my loss My killer's remorse For me we are the same should be laughed at Could be the very fame shit to get your bitch ass clacked You fell slick next now drowning in your own pool out back I kick the cats and dog tube the shit I don't count that You're my angel of death I strangle till there's no breath I kill the kill kill till there ain't nobody left My conscience don't inhibit me I kill deliberately Just wanna be like God, cause God kills indiscriminately I'm so christian I'm so muslim Super size on your mom trigger get push up I'm parallel to hell I'm ready so Satan what's cooking And rappers running their mouth they don't know how close their bitch ass is coked To get turned in ghosts nigga I will kill you Don't get it cross memories fade just as blood washes off I said memories fade just as blood washes off Hope to see you soon [Chorus] I feel so guilty my hands are filthy From decorating your face all over the building I'm staying sincere if I ain't making it clear I'm writing on the wall with the blood man I wished you were here But you moved on at your funeral I beat you with slam I hugged your mom tell your sister and her kids to be clam I will tell 'em you gone you just sleep in a dream and all c'est la vie We smoked you like the weed in the bong Have you ever seen the bloodstain And know that person has returned from every once came Regret is such an ugly thing only if you let it fuck with your brain But it ain't gonna change a fucking thing What's done is done chop that shit up to the game You're still dead when I'm still alive And I never got the chance to utilize my best alibi [Chorus] Started the bullshit escalated to violence In result of the violence infinite permanent silence Now I feel empty not even existing My worst enemy is no longer against me I remember the hatred and how it consumed me And you felt the same thing but never could move me A shot to the face is nothing like in the movies The back of your brain is out the body keeps moving So I should rejoice now because you are past tense The last of my enemies the last of you bastards The dirt on your casket I'm so alone now you were the reason to carry my danger my chrome out And I just sold out and wait for the contact And life for the combat and now we be on that And I'd take it all back if I knew what I knew now What's a shooter without somebody to shoot down [Chorus]
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