Westside ConnectionWestward Ho

Ice Cube] Check it hoe shut your mouth and get naked I'm connected plus I'm makin' hit records So, if you wanna win hop in and take a spin That's W. C. And Mack 10 What's your name girlfriend You can have some fun wit us lay in the sun wit us To these illegal amigos who wanna buy bald eagles Pack a gun wit us and make a run wit us Out my regals we shoppin' at Spiegels So what you wanna do Decision, decisions And what you think about dick and pussy collisions You're a irrisistable bitch and all that Me I'm rich as fuck plus I smell like yack so come on Chorus, Repeat 2X: Irristable bitch let's go Where we goin' Westward ho [Mack 10:] I suppose at least one of those want A nigga gots to get chose it's a house full of hoes Mister flossy with the kilos You know it's quick fast shit it's all about the cash Pauveted Rolex' and Benz' in the S class Don't get it twisted nigga you know the word I make yo whole crew scatter what ya say don't matter Cube got the herb and I don't fuck with nothin' less than a bird Cause nigga you's a punk so tell yo bitch I need to holler at her I take for shows hop in my Benzo I stomp my Chuck to the flo as I head Westward with yo ho It's Mack 1-0 so fuck what she say I put it down the G way I'm gettin' head on the freeway. Chorus [W. C.] Hoe you need some dick in yo life dick in yo life You need to be rolling Like Jodeci I'm fienning to fuck you 'til your bleeding With this cap peela, fuck that sucka for love lolly pop toe Lickin' ass nigga See you say you want a real G so why don't you Play like Jayo Felony and bitch take a ride with me because I can And help me twist this Use a ho like you a bitch down to blast About five-ten, two-twenty with scars on your thighs Mutha fucking plastic because you're a true bitch from the westside And that's they type of hoe I want down with me So bitch get your ass in and let's rob the whole city [Ice Cube:] Did I mention I think about you when I'm benchin' And running my trigger finger all through your extensions It's intense dreamin' of a black picket fence You Tina I'm Ike His and her nine's teach you how to rhyme on the mic Know you ain't a dike cause you seem to like The way I lay pipe Keep it tight let's put this mattress to the test Yes, I must confess, I got some prior arrest Fa show ya know we're goin' westward hoe Can you handle Half a chicken in the door panel We at the mo' with a four-O and a joint And missed the drop off point We got high, fucked around Chorus [Mack 10:] I put it down all around Westbound is where I'm headed Since I keep my heat leaded if you trip you get wetted We be huffing like hogs nigga who can see my crew No better yet me and you nigga what you wanna do, fool Cause all I do is wreck from the hip I teck And when I come from the shoulders I straight Westside Connect I got chickens by the flock I got the block on lock Around the clock I sell rock so ain't a bitch I can't knock So handcuff your trick if she's a good lookin' ho Cause dog I run with niggas that the Fed's is lookin' fo' They wanna get us because our pockets is the fattest And bitches be jockin' us because we got the baller status [W. C.] A bitch straight down I want a janky bitch, a janky bitch, Penitentiary bound With the qualifications of a hoe like you C-sections tattoos stretch marks and bullet wounds A rough bitch in a beanie the type of bitch that's down to do A drive by on my enemies Like Mary J. You're all I need When I'm in jail the kind of hoe that's down to keester me weed Fantasies of you and me I keep Fucking in the back of the coup let's get it cracking Having 'em at the park smoking on a hump sharing a tall can of Magnum So pass the stick and tell me hoe what's happening Chorus We all mackin' so baby how you actin' This West Coast gangsta' shit got it crackin' We all mackin' so baby how you actin' This West Coast gangsta' shit got it crackin' Chorus
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