A1Double Dose

Brown skin look like I'm Philippino Big cup filled up with Pelegrino Probably after try it if you let me hold the clico But we almost start a riot when we do the show and chico No, I had a dream that I was hide in Puerto Rico With the lady named Helena and a puppy named Demingo Wow woke up and transform like I don't buy bismo Now get a mother fucking bottle pop the star home Hook: I'm like up in that ass with a double dose Bubbles in my glass raise another toast Your own... going big, we're going for roll Get it how you live Just that just that dope dope dope dope dope Just that just that dope dope dope dope dope Just that just that dope Whip swinging keep their heads bangin Super large going hard in the pain is that Y'all well I ain't working in the day time has been late night We the come in oviance of the generation to elevate the conscious Can't just can't blame must for tryin To get an Asian tryin stop that, I'ma cock back blow I am Fuck around and get the belt oh I ain't fresh see iron ... white teeth but increase in the middle of the lay got the way down I would try to get a fake idea my... moving that way I'm back in the day when I was young we used to steal from the store And sell drugs sometimes it's like you got the deal I'm not to get anymore... from the floor when you born But nowadays I keep it cool I'm not to tell anymore So tell them party people get their ass on the floor ... it's life if they let me dance Happy if I see some thick bodies is some stratchin past Ca-ca-ca-catch me chasin, dollars make em nicko flips So when your local who just tryin to holla rest some pickle chips Listen in the triple six, y'all be smoking snicko frips We'll be on that shit that have your girlfriend haven't gigo fifth Bitch I'm happy like I'm winnin took his... Tryin to see the planet earth and I mean every look in... But me in time I'm west coast and like the taco trip Now get your mother fuckin bottle up and... [Hook:] Take a picture lady maybe I'ma tag it Your baby daddy is angry I'ma baby mami magnet But all I really so want is a vegetarian pizza Some master berry and refind in the chick that sound some south shit I'm chillinlong as I got a place to stay A 64 aunt superior water every day Is nothing standing in my way If you feel that then holla back, Now get the motherfucking bottle crack Just stole the hoe Back up in that ass with the double dose
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