The Amity AfflictionFire Or Knife

Why are we even breathing If the only reason to exist Is to stare skyward and put my hands together Then why am I even here To serve a myth And carry these burdens on my chest As it caves in and free will gives way To a guilt of lost and misrepresented verses I can't see the logic in falling to my knees Where is the logic There is no logic I was blinded and inducted Into a world that has no meaning No basis for belief And now they wonder why I'm seething I'll spit this in their faces And burn their false pretences On which they stand The pulpit burying our youth Beneath the tides of callous sands No room to breathe, oh No room to brea-ea-ea-ea-ea-eathe In the chambers of your guilt Under the cross and devil's gaze While you sit and wait to die There'll be no god In the cold night sky There's no god who can hear you There's no god who understands Who understands Regrets too often haunt us Again and again Sometimes it seems so hopeless But we cannot give in When all our best decisions Prove us wrong And when we're only waiting For goodbyes We've already given in, given in We've already given in given in We've already given in, We've already given in, given in But we're never giving in There is no god who can hear you Just a sky full of stars The same stars you will be wishing on When death comes to call on us Call on us © 2014