Horrible HistoriesThe Tudors

[Intro] Anyone whose lived around these parts, Or ever knew'd us, Is well aware that you should never mess with the Tudors. [Verse 1] My Grandad Henry Seventh, He beat King Richard, That's him pictured, Defeating the Tyke. [Verse 2] He liked his name so much that, To keep alive is memory, He called his own son Henry, What was he like! [Verse 3] Everyone said Hen-er-y the eighth was a baddy, I have to agree, Even though he was my daddy. (Just popping of to chop some wives.) [Chorus] Cos we're Tudors, Britain's biggest feuders, And just like barracudas, We kill with methods foul. Tudors Each enemy a Judas, At least we're not as rude as, Simon Cowell. [Verse 4] My reign was quite notorious, I liked to hunt and slaughter, But then you had a daughter, Mary was her name, It was a son I wanted, So I divorced her mother, Then wife two had another, A girl? Not again! (That's me your talking about! ) [Chorus] Tudor, Superior to you duh, Who followed me as ruler, Best not to ask. [Verse 5] It must have been my laddie, Yes sicky little Eddie, Was I'll and soon got deady And who came next? [Verse 6] Your daughters then took over, First came Bloody Mary, My sisters rule was scary, So all hail meeeeeee [Chorus] Tudors, The history books reviewed us, As nutters and big bruisers, Who kill and cull. [Outro] I never had an heir, So our reign ended there, We my not have been fair, But we were never dull
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