Lana Del ReyTry Tonight

Can't put my finger on it But I know I want it I'm willing to try another way That is if I get by another day Back and forth, I don't know Get anywhere, and I've been searching Everywhere He'll try tonight Just try tonight Happy as the moon shine Shifting in the night time ClichĐšs find a home inside of him When he enters all of the lights go dim He's so sure he's got a tragic lifestyle And I'm so sure I can, make that man smile He'll try tonight Just try tonight A dark room in the nighttime Is how he spends all his time If he could go on without your help Then he would do it all by himself But I don't think he got, strength to muster And he don't got a lot, lack of luster He'll try tonight Tonight get higher He'll try tonight, tonight I'll get high But he will, he will, he will, yes he will © 2018