Far East MovementLights Out

[Natalia kills] I can see you in the dark I see you h-h-h-hiding away I can feel you in the dark I know I let those game to play I can read your dirty mind The good get shit won't fly with me Boy I'm on you like a parlogram Love... and this is what I see [Chorus] I know you and you can't lie No baby you can't lie You run but you can't hide I see you when you pulling the one Over my eyes The one over my eyes [Far east movement] Lights out Go crazy Go crazy Go go go L-l-lights out Go crazy Go go go go Go crazy [Natalia kills] Boy, I gotta phd I got a masters in boy-ology I'm psychic, psycho, call it what you want But I'm on it, I'm on yur Make you think that she's the one And she will wake up and there you'll gone You got the magic tricks in your hand Baby you can't lie You run but you can't hide I can see you when you callin In front over my eyes Over my eyes [Far east movement] Far east movement Hide and seek, made you peek Put you to sleep Wrap my tie on your neck That's why I called a freak on a leash Help yourself, grab my bell Pull my pants straight the hell Oh, my god natalia kills This must be how heaven feels [Chorus:]
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