Carrie UnderwoodTwo Black Cadillacs

Two black Cadillacs driving in a slow parade Headlights shining bright in the middle of the day One is for his wife, The other for the woman who loved him at night Two black Cadillacs meeting for the first time [Chorus] And the preacher said he was a good man And his brother said he was a good friend But the women in the two black veils didn’t bother to cry Bye bye, bye bye Yeah they took turns laying a rose down Threw a handful of dirt into the deep ground He’s not the only one who had a secret to hide Bye bye, bye bye, bye Bye Two black Cadillacs, two black Cadillacs Two months ago his wife called the number on his phone Turns out he'd been lying to both of them for oh so long They decided then he’d never get away with doing this to them Two black Cadillacs waiting for the ride down, ride down [Chorus] Yeah yeah It was the first and the last time they saw each other face to face They shared a crimson smile and just walked away And left the secret at the grave [Chorus] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah © 2017