AM KiddSomebody Special

Verse 1 Now tell me do I wish too much? Is it cause I kick it and I drink too much? But the truth is I wanna live too much. And you're the type of girl I'd like to give too much, till it's enough. Please tell me I'm close to your type Not cute but I know what's right Not sweet but I know what's nice And I could make you laugh and smile all night Might mess up and say the wrong lines And I tend to say things at all the wrong times But I'm confident that we're so right Even with these flaws I'm not the wrong guy Off bat, I could say I'm not book smart But I'm smart enough to protect your heart Dump your past it belongs in the junkyard Let's hook up all we need is a jumpstart Chorus I wish I was somebody special, special in your eyes Verse 2: Tell me do I think too much? Is it what I'm feeling makes you trip too much? If we choose to pass, might miss too much. You know I'm into you cause I hint too much, is it enough? Please tell me that I cross your mind Ever think about crossing that line? Can I prove that I'm worth the risk So I could prove that I'm worth your time Not buff but I know my loves strong Not rich but I'll write you a love song What you're getting is a part of me And that right there is the heart from me, yeah. I don't really know how to say this but... You're the only song in my playlist, love. Get a little closer when we hug But what I'm feeling might be too much... I wish I was somebody special, special in your eyes... © 2018