Hunter HayesWhere We Left Off

If we had the words in times like these We wouldn't have to stare We'd both know what to say How to pray or things to do to save the day Some will call it sacrifice They'll look at this and never see The beauty or how much it means The blood that runs inside of me I know you understand There's no map for this, no plan And the way we say goobye Is not the way that anyone would do Like a wave out on the ocean I will always come right back to you Like we blinked, not a moment is gone (Nothing changed, nothing fades, nothing lost) We pick up where we left off It's like the world is draped in a camouflage And sometimes never what it seems Everyone's got different things They hide behind or try to be But the things I carry with me All remind me who I am When so much of me is not with me What matters most is what I leave Behind for you to keep So smile when ou think of me © 2018