Charlie McDonnellTime To Reply

I found you this morning When I was on break Thought you were funny If a little insane I quickly forgot you And got on with my day But then there you were Back in my mind again Figured I'd find you To see what you've done It's very impressive Looks like you have fun I wanna say thank you For brightening my day I hope that I Could do just the same For you For you And I know that you're busy But I hope you find the time to reply I've spent my whole evening Sitting watching you But there's nothing left now Could you make something new I find we've so much in common How wierd can it be That I feel I know you Though you don't know me I know it sounds crazy But I think if we met Spend time together We would end up friends And although it's unlikely I think I'll be fine 'Cause unlikely things Happen all the time I learned that from you, I learned that from you, And I know that you're busy But I hope you find the time to reply It's been so long And I haven't heard back I'd tell you how long But I think I've lost track Is it really so hard To write just a sentence Or, two I've just seen your latest And it was okay But it wasn't quite you It seems like you've changed You still enjoying Things that you do Say that you are But it doesn't ring true I went back to see you The way that you were Thought it might cheer me up But it just didn't work Thought that you should know that I think that I'm done You're not just for me now But I've had fun Watching you Watching you And I know that you're busy So don't worry you don't have to reply. © 2018