SojaWhen We Were Younger

I never really got why we're here Just look at all we build in our lives And we all disappear A few of us are born with so much While most of us just chasing down a dream that we just can't touch So why we try so hard in this place? When pain and suffering is a guarantee And happiness is a phase I wonder if one day we're at peace Or will this whole world just become like the middle east? [Chorus:] But when I (we) was (were) younger, when I (we) was (were) younger I had the answers, I've got to say But all of my answers, now that I'm older Turned into questions, in front of me I wonder where we go when we die If there is anything past our lost sun and our sky? Cuz airports only take us so high Is it hidden in the stars? What's the answer to your soul lying? I wonder do we get to come back I wonder if I will remember these questions I've asked Or will I just star over again? I hope it's not too hard to find all of my old friends. [Chorus:] I wonder if we get one true love Or maybe there's a few out there Or maybe not even one I wonder if it's made up by man I wonder if love is what we make with our own two hands I wonder why I write all these songs I wonder if you know what you're saying when you sing along And will you know my name when I'm gone? Or are you just too sick of these love songs? [Chorus:] © 2018