SojaSlow Down

You can search the world for signs of life and realize the truth is in your Heart you can try to become who you want and never get away from who you Are you can trust another like no other watch them fall and then you fall Apart it there's you apart always see myself alone but in my darkest hours There you are Chorus: So I Can Say Oh Now Oh Now Oh Now Now Now Now Now (2x) Oh Now You Gotta Slow Down Oh now all I have Is Now Oh Now oh Now now now now I've been all around the world to find it travel east and west like Everyday I've been high and low since I have lost it how do I get back to Yesterday it feels like a game I have seen the look in peoples eyes Sometimes and all I do is chase then away cause I have been all around the World just to find it every time I do I don't let is stay I chase it away Chorus © 2018