Young JeezyOff Safety

[Chorus:] I am so fast these whores can't take me I'm out of cast so these niggers wanna hate me I met a man cause these niggers didn't make me Get these mother fucker... off safety We are all safety Luis all over niggers hate the way I am staling Chain call twice... bullshit Up in this mother fucker... No safety cut one in a... My niggers in the... train ready to go Bandon abandon money I demand it My bitches been the baddest haters can't stand it My name is... believe it whore And I am about to go bigger on these niggers believe me ... on that... leather why are you calling Miss Snow watching the weather Now I act a fool I'm loaded I'm getting better... I swear... I try to stay away of these rats I'm getting cheese [Chorus] I am black... no hammer Got a mean kick back... Everything getting killed in the aqua blue... Every day I'm going in loaded to the max ... mother fuckers can't stop this... About my mother fucker cheese... It's so emotional so sensitive Hold nigger fuck nigger... go nuts... make these pussy disappear [Chorus] © 2018