Al JarreauSays

She says it's me I like it She says it's we I like it She says that we Should try it More us more we I buy it And after all She says it's Her best of all And does it So why wonder Why question why When she says She says she's been to Corcovado The Cote d'Azure and Monte Carlo She says but when you think it all through It don't compare to where we're going to I've never been to Corcovado But I've seen Milwaukee and Chicago I'll go to Jupiter to be with her VERSE Elle dit c'est moi C'est super Je dit c'est toi C'est super Pour nous ca va C'est super Ca va de soit C'est super Et pourquoi pas C'est super On ce ferra C'est super BRIDGE: She says toi She says moi She says la She says ca va FRENCH CHORUS So why wonder why, question why What she says © 2018