CommonAny Given Sunday

Though the times are getting wicked I'm older I got a chip on my shoulder True players always maintaining, I'm different I told ya Don't want to be just a commodity I'm smarter G This is my life, and my soul not just a job to me It's the truest part of me Fans now mobbing me Fake friends acting like I just won the lottery Back then I guess it was hard to see The real paradox What an artist see It's like that saying Be careful what you pray for you might get it Of course it's all about winning and money but how far will we let it Taken 'em, the holy game can make 'em, then instantaneously break 'em Rain one day sunshine the next Haters try and stop my flow sometimes I'm vexed What's next accounted by the press Mad stress on my chest Of course I know that I'm blessed but here's the test On "Any Given Sunday" I got to play my best [Chorus] Sacrifice don't give up the fight, everything will be all right on any given Sunday The harder they come the hard, yeah the harder they must fall Depends on you if you win or lose, you know you got to pay some dues so that you can live on Monday Strive to achieve and die for what you believe On the battlefields left abandoned One man standing To me the ball was handed Taken shots and left stranded, No defensive they tackle me Every blow brings back a memory Learning lessons from my injury It's killing me Cause at first they wasn't feeling me Never given a chance to show my true ability Too many pressures trying to play me out Put me positions that's sure to lay me out No doubt [Chorus] Playing on a field of hard times These struggles are like the yardlines that I gain from Nowhere is where I came from From day one, I knew the game and how to play run But never knew the price of fame would weigh tons Now I learn from self when pain comes And walk when they say run Fame can be as painful as Death of patron Young black, gifted But I'm rapped in myself Broke many tackles but I'm trapped in myself See what happens with wealth At times you can lose yourself During the sunniest of days many superstars fell From cotton to football fields You know how they play brothers As long as we play well they love us I know that on Any Given Sunday This can be taken from me But it all comes down to is money I know that on Any Given Sunday This can be taken from me But it all comes down to is money why'all [Chorus x2] © 2017