FutureNo Matter What

[Chorus] We made a bond from the very beginning I found my homie and my best friend Imma be there for ya till the very end, No matter what, no matter what, no matter what, yeah We broke the rules, we took it further in We made a promise to each other we gon' never end... she gone be there for the kid, no matter what No matter what, no matter what, yeah We met through a mutual friend We started clubbing, dranking, talking, laughing and grinning You had your eyes on me the whole time, I could see ya through my lens Your face your shape and the lil things about ya...had the kid all in Anytime we spend time, we spend more than we spend benjamins But the fuck this high siddity girl want to do with an astronaut kid I'm asking myself questions, I had to understand You gotta live and learn to make mistakes to be the man We didn't mean for it to get this serious I got another nigga bitch with me And I'm falling for her, yeah I'm falling for her We ain't got no strings attached I want her more and more [Chorus] We can talk about whatever, we can fuck wherever It's like we're walking on rose petals, when we together I see you jocking me, and I'm jocking you harder You got everything a woman want, I still want to spoil ya And your loyalty to him ain't my concern cause you're loyal It's like we been casted with a spell or both ate some poison Tell him I ain't mean to intervene with his main thing You my main fling, I took it main stream Everyday its nice to share our main dreams, and ain't a damn thing Will never come between, our thing And we ain't mean for it to be this serious I made a promise to you and I'ma take it serious Cause I know my words mean the most to you And you mean the most to me We got a special connection, can't nobody come between [Chorus]
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